Denver Ice Cream Treats

Looking for a sweet treat near Denver? Nuggs Ice Cream has you covered. All of our creams are homemade ice creams made with All-Natural and Fresh Ingredients.


From your typical scoops in a cup or cone…


to thick and creamy milkshakes or malts…


to sundaes offered any day of the week…


to outrageous banana splits with unlimited toppings…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

to massive chocolate chip cookie sandwich’s big enough to share… (or not!)

Root Beer

to root beer floats with root beer on tap from your local Bull & Bush – enjoy with your traditional vanilla or switch it up it up with a new flavor…


and finally to our newest item that has Denver going crazy over… Waffle tacos! Who needs regular tacos when you have these? Enjoy them on Taco Tuesday or any other day of the week!

We encourage you to try whatever you want; we love getting new ideas from our customers. Our shop favorite is the double-stuffed “cookies-and-cream” ice cream scooped into our hand rolled waffle cones that are made fresh every day. The smell welcomes all our customers into our shop.

So stop by and try whatever tickles your fancy at Nuggs Ice Cream.